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Examples of Various Things

Here's a page to collect sentences that provide example of various syntactic and semantic and whatever-ic constructions in Latin.


The reason for it is that I'm always looking for more authentic examples of things to show students (like, say, ablative absolutes) and it's a pain to have to go hunt them down.


I'll keep them all in a database off-site (some day :-) so that they can be more easily called up. Please add examples and new categories too.


Some Guidelines

  • Watch out for duplicate entries.
  • Keep entries alphabetized.
  • Use unicode, if you can, to include macrons.
  • Include citations where known.
  • If you want to have English translations, please put them in italics.



Here's a page of sententiae to categorize.


The Exempla

  1. Verbal Things
    1. Ablative Absolutes
    2. Future Passive Periphrastics
    3. Greek-middle Passives
    4. Infinitives
    5. Irregular Verbs
    6. Passive Voice
    7. Perfect Passive Participles
    8. Present Active Participles
    9. Subjunctive Clauses
  2. Clause Things
    1. After sī, nisī, num and nē...
    2. Leakage to the left
  3. Nouns
    1. Third Declension I-Stem Nouns
    2. Fourth Declension Nouns
    3. Fifth Declension Nouns
    4. NIAWOPs
  4. Pronouns
    1. Demonstrative Pronouns
    2. Indefinite Pronouns
    3. Intensive Pronoun Ipse
    4. Personal Pronouns
  5. Third Declension Adjectives

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